Magdalena Pacana

I am a graduate of the Lodz Film School's Department of Photography, and I have worked professionally as a photographer since 2003. I specialize in interior photography and I've collaborated with a number of interior design magazines including, Dobre Wnętrze, Dom & Wnętrze, M jak mieszkanie, as well as Wysokie Obcasy, the weekend magazine of Gazeta Wyborcza.

I love my work. I love the intense concentration I feel while photographing interiors, and the slow process it involves: positioning the tripod, framing the shot, arranging the space, observing the light. For me it is a kind of meditation.

Privately, I photograph what is closest to myself: my own space and my daughter. In the creative process I let myself be guided by my intuition. I don't set a beginning or an end to the story I am telling, it emerges over time.
Light matters to me and that feeling of being in the here and now, whether it’s my professional work or a personal story.

I live in Kraków, Poland, and my work takes me throughout Poland, and abroad as well.


Feel free to contact me

+48 606 288 822